Helping Cafe Owners Gain Financial Freedom and Control.

Running a café business begins with a passion for hospitality. Café owners are focused on what they do best  and also have to deal with other aspects of the business which includes accounting, tax compliance and reporting . With all that grind involved in running a café business, time may not be sufficient enough to focus on other aspects of business such as financial analysis and accounting. Accounting function plays a vital role for the successful operation of café business and with an appropriate understanding your business can be profitable. 

As a niche CPA Firm, we understand the stress and pains of café’ owner’s control on financial freedom and revenue management – We will 

  • Streamline your accounting process 
  • Keep track of your budget
  • See the bigger picture of your long term finances
  • Cash flow
  • Research your potential for expansion
  • Tax advising and audit help
  • Maintain correct financial documents
  • Break down on short term and long term plans

Just to Quickly introduce myself- I am Subashini K  an accountant with a proactive mindset, I have developed a proprietary PRIME system exclusively for café businesses.

P – Pricing analysis with competitors
R – Reduction of overhead costs below industry average of 35% – are you below this?
I – Inventory management
M – Margin analysis (not blended) to identify hidden profits
E – Capital Equipment review on how to free up capital

It’s a proven system that will help compare business performance against industry benchmarks to understand what is working in your business operations and what area needs attention.