Tax Advisory services

The impact of taxation plays a steep role in every facet of personal and business affairs. The constant changes in tax policies affect the overall decision making on employment, savings, investments, and businesses. At SMD Financial Group, our credentialed Tax Advisors can work in a variety of business models. We possess the proficiency to understand complicated tax codes and direct individuals and businesses to tax optimization strategies and tax advantages, and stay within the scope of laws and regulations.

Taxes come into play in every aspect of business everyday. It should not be considered activity that’s done once a year,  but rather looked at all year around. It is important to seek tax advice that enhance business transactions or deals. This will help us better understand your needs and identify the relevant tax implications for the respective business transactions or deals. At SMD Financial Group, we take the extra step to  work closely with our clients and their businesses to advice them on their tax circumstances.

One of the biggest challenges is to maintain the tax position and the effective tax rate. As a team we reinforce practical tax management strategies and provide tax advice on domestic and international tax matters. This can help you decide on an appropriate tax structure personally and business wise. In addition, we will help you find potential tax deductions that could help you mitigate expenses related to business. SMD Financial Groups offers the following Tax Services:

  1. Individual Tax Preparation ( Form 1040)
  2. Corporate Income Tax Preparation ( Form 1120S, Form 1065, Form 1120)
  3. Non-Profit Organization Tax Returns ( Form 990)
  4. Tax Resolution Services for both individuals and businesses.  Support during tax disputes with the tax authorities.
  5. Tax Consulting and Support
  6. Advice on Tax Strategy and Planning aiming to reduce the risks and costs from income taxes
  7. Provide advice on Business structure and financial planning
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